Current Student Work (2013)

April 26 - May 29, 2013

“Current Student Work” showcases furniture and decorative objects created by participants in the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s flagship course, the Nine-Month Comprehensive. The students who are presently enrolled come from a wide array of backgrounds and experience, including fine arts, science, architecture, boat building, advertising, and sports education. For many, this exhibition is the first opportunity to see their work in a professional setting. Judy Bonzi, a resident of Rockport and current student who holds an M.F.A. in sculpture says, “I am absolutely dazzled by the creative accomplishments of my classmates. The diversity of aesthetic viewpoints is a great strength of the program.”

Exhibitors in “Current Student Work” are Baron Taft Bentley, from Kentucky, Judy Bonzi, from Maine, Erik Curtis, from New York, Marc Cutonilli, from New York, Mark Galipeau, from California, Jason Hebert, from New Hampshire, Yoshy Pineles, from New York, Jonathan Reif, from New Jersey, Chris Roy, from Maine, David Selditz, from Washington, Brett Simon, from Florida, and Karina Steele, from Colorado.

The Nine-month Comprehensive program is designed for aspiring professional furniture makers and dedicated amateurs who seek in-depth training at the highest standard of excellence. Students complete eleven sequential projects that take them from woodworking fundamentals through the fine points of design and craftsmanship. The Lead Instructor for the course is Aled Lewis, a highly respected furniture maker from the U.K. Lewis is joined by twelve co-teachers who are experts in areas such as casework, finishing, carving, drawing, bending, veneering, and chair making.


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