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Annual Yankee Swap

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The Annual Yankee Swap Potluck is always a highlight of the year. Students have been working like crazy to finish their casework projects, and the facilities and administrative staff are at their busiest simultaneously wrapping up 2016 and preparing already for the 2017 workshop season.

Getting Acquainted with CAD/CAM

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Mark Aled MaryEllen CNCclass

Many woodworkers have strong opinions about the role of computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) as it relates to craft. Where some see an essential step toward progress, others feel a threat to the importance of working by hand. Here at the school, we are all about merging creativity with technical skill, and we want to give our students as many tools as possible to achieve that balance.

Happy Veterans Day!

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Happy Veterans Day! Our Turning Intensive, Furniture Intensive, and Nine-month Comprehensive programs are approved for the use of the Post-9/11 GI Bill education benefits.

Here are our veterans currently on campus, along with Student Services Manager Dorrie Higbee. As the school's VA Certifying Official, Dorrie says, “It is an honor and privilege to work with all of our Veterans to facilitate their enrollment at the Center.”


Chris Pye: twenty years of teaching at the woodschool

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This week, British carver Chris Pye is teaching on campus for the 20th consecutive year. In that time he has written six well-regarded books, carved numerous commissions and trophies, been elected a member of the Master Carvers Association, and founded an educational website. Pictured above is Chris with his current student Amy, who took a carving course with Chris 15 years ago here at the school.

Summer Furniture Intensive Wraps Up

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The end of the summer Furniture Intensive is always a little tough to accept. The sun is bright, and folks sigh with relief as they enter the air-conditioned workshop from the hot outdoors. And so, if it weren't for the students packing up their cars and hugging goodbye, it would be easy for us to trick ourselves into believing that summer will never end. Alas, the bubblewrap and farewells remind us that in the next few weeks the nights will start earlier and feel cooler. 

Before they depart, the students show off their work, and have the chance to discuss their experiences with the staff as well as friends and family. Many of the Furniture Intensive students come into the program with little or no woodworking experience, and yet they never fail to astonish us with their skill and creativity.

Brian Reid's latest work-in-progress

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BrianReid fellowship4


Furniture Intensive instructor Brian Reid is in the fellowship this month working on a piece which will be shown at The Gallery at Somes Sound this fall. The show will feature Brain's work alongside that of his woodworking students from the Maine Prison Program. Brian's project is being funded by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission.