Projects in Progress

Nine-month Comprehensive: Building a Tool Cabinet

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The second project of the Nine-month Comprehensive is focused on honing machine skills and learning the value of well-made shop fixtures and tooling. For three weeks students all work on variations of a tool cabinet design: everyone relies on the same jigs and builds a cabinet of the same basic proportions, with the ability to customize the interior to best fit their personal tool collection.


Progress in the Furniture Intensive

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Our Furniture Intensive students are beginning the sixth week of their twelve-week program, and their second project is already well underway. Here in mid-coast Maine the weather is (slowly!) changing from winter to spring, and the longer daylight hours seem to mean longer hours in the shop for this dedicated group.

Curvature Workshop

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The Curvature Workshop was a two week intermediate/advanced course for students interested in incorporating curvilinear designs in their woodworking. Instructors Tim Rousseau and Tom Kealy covered laminate bending, steam bending, coopering, and other techniques used to create curved lines and volumes in wood.

Lighting Workshop

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During the one week Lighting Workshop, instructor Julie Morringello led students through a series of exercises using unconventional materials, building models and prototypes for one-of-a-kind lighting. The course balanced sculptural investigation with concrete technical information about wiring and marketing. See more of Julie's work on her website here.