Archived Exhibitions

Contemporary Maine Wood Sculpture (2010)

December 3, 2010 - April 8, 2011

“Contemporary Maine Wood Sculpture” explores the breath of expression achieved by contemporary sculptors who live in Maine and work with wood. That range includes an installation of beech swithces and jute by Barbara Andrus, Frederick Lynch's minimalistic #48 and #57, and Tom Chapin's enamal carving, Frequency and Modulation. According to the Messler Gallery Manager Beth Sauer, " Maine sculptors are doing fabulous work in wood, but there aren't many chances to see an exhibition specifically for wood sculpture - this is a great opportunity to do so."

In all there are 18 exhibitors from around the state. Those participants are: Anne Alexander (Windham), Barbara Andrus, (Belfast), Ray Carbone (Milbridge), Tom Chapin (Phippsburg), J.T. Gibson (Morrill), Stew Henderson (Northport), Steve Hansel (Friendship), Duncan Hewitt (Hollis), Charlie Hewitt (Portland), Matt Hutton (Portland), Jeff Kellar (Falmouth), Steve Lindsay (Tenant's Harbor), Lin Lisberger (Gorham), Cabot Lyford (New Harbor), Frederick Lynch (Saco), Duane Paluska (Brunswick), Stephen Porter (Searsmont), and Andy Rosen (South Portland).

This show is co-curated by Bruce Brown, Duane Paluska, and Steve Lindsay. Brown is the curator emeritus at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art. Lindsey is a sculptor who has received several Maine Percentage for Art commissions. Paluska is also an artist and the founder and director of the ICON gallery in Brusnwick, ME. 

To read a review of the exhibition by Philip Isaacson click here.

New Work by Faculty (2016)


June 10 - September 14, 2016

“New Work by Faculty,” an exhibition of furniture, turned objects, carving, and sculpture in wood, has opened for the summer at the Messler Gallery of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport. The exhibition runs through September 14th, 2016.

All 29 makers represented in the exhibition are current-year instructors at the Center. They come from as far away as England and Wales, and as close by as Camden and Rockland, Maine. Their work is stylistically diverse, as befits a school whose teaching philosophy encourages each student to find his or her own creative voice.

International exhibitors in “New Work by Faculty” include: Adrian Ferrazzutti (Canada), Aled Lewis (Wales), and Chris Pye (England). Exhibitors from across the U.S.A. include: Dixie Biggs (Gainsville, FL), Elia Bizzarri (Hilsboro, NC), Jim Christiansen (Moscow, ID), Chance Coalter (San Diego, CA), Asher Rodriguez-Dunn (Rumford, RI), Ray Finan (Arlington, VT), Garrett Hack (Thetford Center, VT), Reed Hansuld (Brooklyn, NY), Stephen Hatcher (Olympia, WA), Beth Ireland (Roslindale, MA), Clark Kellogg (Houston, TX), Yuri Kobayashi (Camden, ME), Mary May (Johns Island, SC), Jim Sannerud (Saint Paul, MN), Peter Shepard (Harvard, MA), Kagen Sound (Denver, CO) and Rich Tannen (Bloomfield, NY). Participants from Maine include: Stephen Gleasner (Appleton), Jim Macdonald (Burnham), Mac Ray (Damariscotta), Brian Reid (Rockland), Kevin Rodel (Brunswick), Adam Rogers (Auburn), and Tim Rousseau (Appleton).



New Work by Faculty


June 16 - September 13, 2017

ROCKPORT, ME ­­– “New Work by Faculty,” an exhibition of contemporary wood furniture, sculpture, and stringed instruments has opened for the summer at the Messler Gallery of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport. The show runs through September 13, 2017.

The 29 woodworkers, designers, and artists whose work is on display are international leaders in the fields of furniture making and design, wood turning, marquetry, and carving who teach at the Rockport school. From the coopered and curved furniture of Garrett Hack and Yuri Kobayashi, to the consummate carvings of Mary May and Chris Pye, the show is a testament to what can be achieved when impeccable technical skills are applied to sustained aesthetic exploration.

The instructors participating in the show come from as far away as England and Wales, and as close as Camden and Rockland. Their work is stylistically diverse, as befits the school’s commitment to helping students find their own creative voices. International exhibitors include: Adrian Ferrazzutti (Canada), Peter Fleming (Canada), Aled Lewis (Wales), and Chris Pye (England). Exhibitors from across the U.S. include: John Beaver (Pacific Palisades, CA), Bruce Beeken (Shelburne, VT), Warren Carpenter (Seneca, SC), Mark Catalini (Pepperell, MA), Melissa Engler (Asheville, NC), Reuben Foat (San Diego, CA), Garrett Hack (Thetford Center, VT), Reed Hansuld (Brooklyn, NY), Tom Hucker (Jersey City, NJ), Beth Ireland (Roslindale, MA), Mary May (Johns Island, SC), Graeme Priddle (Asheville, NC), Seth Rolland (Port Townsend, WA), Mark Sfirri (New Hope, PA), Jennifer Shirley (Indianapolis, IN), Joshua Vogel (Kingston, NY), and Jeremy Zietz (Richmond, VA). Participants from Maine include: Yuri Kobayashi (Camden), Jim Macdonald (Burnham), Mac Ray (Damariscotta), Brian Reid (Rockland), Tim Rousseau (Appleton), and Ken Wise (Brunswick).



Contemporary Wood Lighting


September 22, 2017 - January 3, 2018

Click here to view our digital catalog with essay by curator Christopher Poehlmann.


The Messler Gallery of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine is pleased to announce an illuminating exhibition of leading-edge, contemporary lighting design in wood. Curated by Christopher Poehlmann, himself an internationally recognized lighting designer, the exhibition explores wood as a medium for expressing light by presenting work of 20 contemporary designers and makers from six countries. “Contemporary Wood Lighting” opened at the Messler Gallery of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine, on Friday, September 22 and continues through Janauary 3, 2018.

The table lamps, wall sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, uplighting, and pendant lighting on display range from functional products to conceptual sculpture. “It is a thrilling visual experience,” says Messler Gallery Manager Victoria Allport, “to see how each designer responds to the aesthetic opportunities inherent to wood, whether it is the translucence of veneer, the pliability of lamination, or the precision of working with CNC laser cutters.”

International exhibitors in “Contemporary Wood Lighting” include: Donald Baugh (London, England), Showroom Finland (Helsinki, Finland), Obe & Co. Design (Bells Yew Green, England), Cameron Mathieson (Nelson, BC), Duncan Meerding (Hobart, Tasmania), Peter Pierobon (Vancouver, BC), and David Trubridge/wakaNINE (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand). Exhibitors from across the U.S. include: Marta Baumiller (Aquebogue, NY), Garry Knox Bennett (Oakland, CA), Peter Bloch (New London, NH), McCaw/Budsberg Collaborations (Milwaukee, WI), Susan Casey (Philadelphia, PA), Katie Hudnall (Indianapolis, IN), Max Kaplan (Fort Bragg, CA), Laura Mays (Fort Bragg, CA), Julie Morringello (Stonington, ME), Christy Oates (Fennimore, WI), Christopher Poehlmann (Philadelphia, PA), John Procario (Cold Spring, NY), and Klara Varosy (Bergen, NH).



Gallery Students 2011 (TB)

April 15 - May 26, 2011


“Current Student Work” showcases furniture and decorative pieces created by the talented participants in the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s current Nine-Month Comprehensive program. The thirteen students, who began the course last September, come from a wide range of occupations including (but not limited to) an NCAA swimmer, a former Buddhist monk, a veteran, and an author. What they all share is the aspiration to make fine furniture. Most plan to establish professional workshops, while others are simply cultivating a lifelong passion. For many, this exhibition is the first opportunity to see their work in a professional setting. Asked for his thoughts, the course’s Lead Instructor, Aled Lewis said, "The work is a refreshing mix of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, and it shows an abundance of talent!”.

“Current Student Work” exhibitors include Gene Bedell, Nicholas Doremus, Mat Driscoll, William Ellen, Dirk Giesberger, Adam Glogowski, Greg Horvitz, Kevin Hurley, Michael Little, Stephen Moles, Cyril Montoya, Michelle Myers, and Lance Smith.