Tim Rousseau


Tim Rousseau divides his time between building furniture on commission in Appleton, ME, and teaching at the Center. After completing our Furniture Intensive in 1998, Tim worked in a multifaceted group shop in Hoboken, NJ, before returning to Maine to set up his own business in 2003. Since then, he has been a lead instructor for the Furniture Intensive, in addition to teaching the chair project for the Comprehensive. Tim is a frequent presenter of how-to and project videos for finewoodworking.com, and TauntonWorkshops.com, including the series “Making a Small Cabinet” and “Build an Asian-Inspired Hall Table.”

Tim is a Lead Insturctor for the  Furniture Intensive, teaches the chairs segment of the Nine-month Comprehensive, and Curvature.

Website: timothyrousseau.com